Meet Sue Mitchell

Dr Sue Mitchell is the author of The Authority Guide to Engaging your People ( and Director of Aeona (, a coaching and leadership consultancy that she founded in 2007.

Sue has been speaking at international conferences since 1995 about maintenance of diversity, albeit to scientific audiences with an interest in evolution.  She brings that academic rigour for excellent research to ensure she gives audiences accurate information in a way that is inspiring, interactive and fun.  Since 2007, Sue now speaks at a wide range of events, such as lunch and learn, masterclasses and seminars for internal networks, professional bodies and corporate staff development events as well as conferences.  Interestingly, she is still speaking about maintenance of diversity! But with a different perspective, as Sue brings her passion for supporting individuals, leaders and organisations to develop a positive high performance mindset and be more successful in everything they do.  Some of her most popular events and talks are about motivation, confidence, emotional intelligence, resilience, mental toughness, values-driven and purposeful leadership and navigating your career.


Sue is an experienced leadership and executive coach and speaker, delivering executive 1:1 coaching and leadership development as well as speaking at a wide range of events.  Sue works with organisations, managers and leaders to harness the power of purposeful leadership and engagement to raise performance and create an environment where everyone can excel.  As an independent coach, Sue brings a fresh perspective and objectivity independent from the sector or specific industry and business types.  She brings a rigorous scientific approach of inquiry and curiosity, and uses tools and methods that have been proven to work.

Sue’s first leadership role was leading expeditions to the South Pacific – requiring resourcefulness and resilience when sent there with 17 people, no equipment and no money!  Her subsequent international scientific career held post-doc fellowships at a Max Planck Institute in Northern Germany and at the University of Edinburgh.  Her research in evolutionary ecology was effectively the study of successful strategies across very short to very long timeframes.  In 2004, Sue made a transformative choice to change career, starting the consultancy that subsequently became Aeona.  


One of Sue’s values is to contribute – to take action and make things happen for the common purpose and good of the group.  Sue volunteers her time and skills on a regular basis, making a difference to the communities she lives and works with.  Alongside her day job, Sue volunteered extensively for the British Sub Aqua Club between 2000 and 2015, taking on leadership roles within her local club, as the regional coach for South Scotland and as a National Instructor and Instructor Trainer.  Having recently stepped down as the Chair of her local Community Council, Sue currently holds voluntary board roles for the Edinburgh Branch of Women in Banking and Finance, and the Professional Speakers Association Scotland Region.

Another of Sue’s values is Adventure, and she hopes to help everyone who attends her events to tap into their own sense of adventure and enjoy the experience and learning from the event.  When relevant to your event and the theme, Sue shares her own experiences from expeditions, sailing and working her way around the world for two years.  Sue’s current adventure is learning to play polo, having met her horse, Rythem, three years ago.

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