Sue adapts keynote events to order for each client. She spends a lot of time up-front to understand your requirements so she delivers an event that suits your specific audience and delegates leave with valuable takeaways.

2021 – Remote Events

Sue speaks virtually as well as at venues and delivers live keynotes, masterclasses and conference seminars, or if preferred, a  prerecorded video session followed up by a live Q&A.  We recommend a live interactive session as audiences find that is more engaging,  including options to create content and vote in and interactive tools and video on the presentation platform   Sue can host masterclasses and smaller events up to 100 people via Zoom, and she works with you to deliver on your platform when you are hosting the event.  Popular topics in 2020 and 2021 have been:  working remotely, managing remotely, leading remotely and a wide range of topics around navigating uncertainty, resilience, wellbeing, the power of positive and confidence.

Leading through uncertainty and Change

Gain powerful mindset tools that enable you to confidently embrace change and uncertainty, and be consistent as a leader while being flexible and adapting to changing circumstances.  

As a manager, you are responsible for leading other people to deliver their expertise. Your role during change and uncertainty is to be a beacon of hope – to provide direction in a way that brings people on board and inspires them with confidence, commitment and hope.   You create the positive environment where people feel resolved and determined to get there, and believe you all can, no matter what curve-balls life throws in the way.  Ultimately, it’s not what happens to you but how you respond that matters. 


  • Understand why change, uncertainty and other challenges can cause stress and fatigue.
  • Provide dynamic and flexible direction through uncertainty and change to inspire confidence and hope. Be ‘captain of your ship’ through stormy weather and calm ‘plain sailing’ conditions.
  • Recognise and take control of your mindset so you can turn “can’t do” thinking into “can do” thinking.
  • Raise and maintain performance under pressure and no matter what the circumstances.
  • Be flexible, adaptable  and confident through change and uncertainty.


This talk shares elements of the Dolphins, Sharks and Jellyfish Keynote (see below) including the sailing metaphor, PEP Framework and audience participation in making choices and other interaction.  

The focus is tailored more specifically to leaders and managers to lead themselves and others through change and the uncertainty that inevitably comes with change.   When you want to implement change, your people will need to depart your current way of doing things (your starting point of the journey) and the transition is like being at sea as you sail towards your destination (your desired outcome of change.)

I loved the way Sue described that helplessness when you sit facing into the wind – maybe the way you want to go – with everything flapping and swinging all over the place and it’s not until you use the wind and go off at an angle that you can actually make progress. To someone who has never sailed it is counterintuitive but I think we’ve all done some veering off at a tangent in order to move forwards this past year.

When you sail you know where you’re trying to get to but you can’t just steer towards your destination; in response to wind and tides you might have to go a very zig zag route (tacking).   So we need to be flexible and see our uncertainties (the wind and tide) as opportunities to work with.”


Dolphins, sharks and jellyfish – Unintuitive influences on navigating uncertainty


Gain powerful mindset tools that enable you to be flexible and make wiser choices in the moment that solve the immediate problem or challenges AND set you up for success later on.

The way we think and talk about how we manage change and navigate uncertainty has subtle and unintuitive influences on how we make decisions and the actions we take, which has significant impact on the outcomes we create and achieve.


  • Raise awareness of, and take control of, how your mindset influences your decision making.
  • Make better decisions and choices for short term and longer term outcomes.
  • Raise and maintain performance under pressure and no matter what the circumstances.
  • Be flexible, adaptable  and confident through change and uncertainty.


This talk explores the impact of changing how you think about uncertainty through the lens of sailing 900 nautical miles in a small yacht across the South Pacific Ocean where it meets the Coral Sea.  Changing your metaphor from ‘having a route map’ to ‘sailing across an ocean’ helps you more successfully navigate uncertainty and maintain consistency while being flexible and adapting to the circumstances as they change. 

Discover Sue’s powerful PEP framework which is the foundation for mental strength and resilience through uncertainty. 

Take part in making choices about what to do next as Sue raises awareness of how your mindset shapes your decision making in powerful ways that are often unrecognised in the moment.   Discover whether the team on the boat made the same choices you think are the best decision and gain insights to how you can make wiser decisions and recognise the choices that not only get you through the immediate crisis/situation but set you up for success further along.  

PS – What was the impact of dolphins, sharks and jellyfish? Discover that in the talk!

“Of the many take aways, one of my favourites was that in uncertainty a road map is no good for us because we aren’t travelling on roads that have been mapped out. “

Mental Strength: raising resilience, wellbeing & performance

How can you perform at your best no matter the circumstances and, as a leader, create an adaptive, high performance and highly engaged team and organisation?  

Be inspired as you discover the components of the MTQ Plus model through the lens of sailing across the South Pacific Ocean.  Find out how to use this framework to apply to your current challenges so you feel more resilient as a manager and better able to steer your team through turbulent waters. You leave with techniques and ideas you can apply straight away.


  • Raise and maintain performance under pressure and no matter what the circumstances.
  • Deal effectively with change.
  • Improve focus and discover opportunities out of adversity.
  • Improve working relationships.
  • Create a more positive ‘can-do’ culture.
  • Improve mental wellbeing and energy levels and reduce stress.

Embracing Diversity

How do you harness the positive impacts of diversity, which are consistently reported (eg by Gallup and many others)?  So often organisations report they tried out having more women, or people with different backgrounds and it didn’t work – whether to the board, senior management team or other roles in the organisation.  They say it leads to team dysfunctions, interpersonal conflict and delayed or poor decision making, with negative impacts on performance and profits. 

Sue helps you avoid that negative fate. This event explores how introducing diversity brings associated challenges for everyone, including the discomfort of change for the incumbent team or board members and how to harness the value in diverse perspectives without creating conflict, so you CAN gain the positive benefits from diversity.


  • Improve working relationships.
  • Strengthen team performance.
  • Reduce misunderstanding, conflict and stress.
  • Improve decision making and strategy.
  • Embrace diversity.

Engaging Leadership

What is the real cost when you don’t earn the right to lead your people and when you don’t engage their emotional and psychological commitment to YOU, your project, team and organisation?

Your leadership is fundamental to how effective your organisation can be. Research shows good leadership raises performance by 15% (but poor leadership reduces performance by 15%). Great leadership is essential to inspire high engagement which drives performance and business growth. Great leadership is essential for organisational wellbeing, which raises creativity, productivity, loyalty, customer satisfaction and performance. Great leadership is essential for a positive, can-do culture where people love to come to work.


  • Be more comfortable and confident as a leader
  • Raise alignment and accountability.
  • Improve team work.
  • Raise performance, productivity and engagement.
  • Increase morale and decrease staff turnover.
  • Engaged staff assume more responsibility and make continuous improvements
  • Improve culture and create a ‘great place to work’ with benefits for wellbeing, health and low stress.

Train your brain to be Confident

Be confident at Work

Have you ever wondered why it is that even though you feel highly confident in some situations there are other times when confidence deserts you?  Confidence is not about never having self-doubt, but accepting you will have doubts and exploring various perspectives to test their validity.  Maintaining your sense of confidence is critical for your perspective to be taken seriously by others and for your message to be believed, so it is important to have a strategy to maintain your confidence.


  • Be more effective in all that you do.
  • Raise performance.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Improve your leadership.
  • Improve your ability to get your message across well and influence authentically.
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