This is a small selection of comments from feedback and testimonials.   When audience feedback forms have a rating scale where 100% is excellent, Sue scores over 95% and typically over 90% of attendees say they would recommend Sue’s events to their colleagues.

Once again, thank you so much for your talk this morning. The team really liked it, you might have seen some of the feedback in the chat before you left. And after the break, we had a great discussion on which of your messages have resonated most with everybody and how we can apply it.

The sailing analogy really stuck with everybody and we kept using it when speaking about our own examples. PEP, as well as, wearing other people’s glasses, using the right words to control the narrative  were just a few that were mentioned multiple times. Also to pause and take the time to reflect before we take actions, resonated a lot.

People also mentioned your passion and charisma that you expressed whilst giving the speech. It was easy to follow and very rich in content. Thanks also for the results of the interactive polls – indeed very helpful.

In summary, the talk has been a success and you delivered completely on the briefing.

Exec Director HR

Global Pharmaceutical, "Leadership through change and uncertainty" at Regional Leaders Virtual Event

What was most valuable about today’s event?

An excellent and engaging session with a focus on practical application

Discussing scenarios with peers

Bringing real ongoing examples

Great session full of really useful information

Videos were powerful to understand impact of visual and sound

The impact of words and how you say them on the outcome of the conversation

Really interestingly put together session

The thought process involved in understanding your client

How communication can affect understanding – I will be more open to how I communicate with clients to ensure they receive the message intended correctly.

Thinking about things from a client’s perspective.

Lloyds Bank

Communicating Simply & Powerfully, Event for Relationship Managers

What aspects of the event did you find particularly useful?

Sue was very enthusiastic and it was a pleasure to listen to her, especially sharing the experience of her boat ride.

Having time to reflect and remind yourself that your own wellbeing is just as important as the other tasks you set yourself.

Time well spent away from daily demands to self-reflect and refocus energy.

Very insightful.  Will be able to take what I’ve learned today and use it.

This was the best place for me to be this afternoon. Despite feeling overwhelmed at work, attending this session was the correct thing to do.

Event was very relevant and well delivered.  Speaker was knowledgeable and helpful.

I liked working on real-world job-relevant examples. A good space to discuss issues, difficulties and opportunities with colleagues – and to plan specific changes to myself and my approach.

Realising the importance of managing my own expectations and of others. Gained focus and clarity.

Stirling University

Staff Development Masterclasses

An engaging speaker. I feel more inspired with ideas around adding confidence to what I do. Looking at changing views and attitudes gave me real value from today.


Banking Sector

Thought provoking event with great tips. A reminder of the value of past experiences and their relevance to present and future.  I will now commit to my goals for this year and meet colleagues next week to share some of these points.  Great stuff!


Technology Company

Excellent event and speaker! I liked the balance of interactive tasks and group activities, learning about the 4Cs and how to put these in practice. I’ve learned a different approach to try out dealing with organisational change and a staff member who is difficult to manage.


Banking Sector

I found it interesting to realise that people’s responses to situations differs just down to their comfort zone. I will now look more to understand other people’s responses to situations.


Banking Sector

Most valuable for me was the rare chance to exchange views and experiences with peers.

Business Owner

Legal Firm

An excellent event with stimulating concepts from a vibrant presenter.  I liked Sue’s empathetic delivery and the interaction between delegates,


Energy Sector

What was most valuable about today’s event?

The informal discussion and that the speaker shared her past experience.

Noticing the positives and keeping a journal of 3 achievements each day.

Time for reflection.  The delivery, content and general approach were excellent! This helped me bring together my thoughts and refocus and shape an implementation plan for a challenge I am looking forward to.

An excellent event! I liked that it was interactive and allowed you to draw on your own experiences

Appreciating my achievements and not taking everything I do for granted.

Pay attention to thought processes – be aware of and reduce or eliminate negative self talk.

Change negative thinking.

That Sue included the research to back up why motivation is so important. Sue helped to bring the whole way motivation works to life and helped me to understand more about my own motivators.

WIBF - Women In Banking & FInance

Professional Development seminars
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