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You want your event to run smoothly and for your audience to gain valuable benefits and feel happy

Sue gives you this 10-point guarantee to help you achieve this.

Short Bio

Dr Sue Mitchell is the author of “The Authority Guide to Engaging your People” and specialises in mindset for success in work and your whole life.

She has led expeditions to remote parts of the world, sailed across the South Pacific Ocean, was an international research scientist, National Instructor with the British Sub Aqua Club and member of the Edinburgh board of Women in Banking and Finance.  She is now the Hub Lead for the Women in Sustainability Edinburgh Hub, and Director of an award-winning leadership company, Aeona.

Sue can customise her bio to suit the theme of your event and connect with your audience.

Got a question? Do call!

Tel: 01875 830708
Mobile: 07809 672859  
Need something from us to support you? Approved photos for PR or your website? A copy of our standard contract? Room layout preferences?  Sue prefers cabaret layout to encourage audience discussion and will discuss options that will best suit your size of audience and the available venue to encourage audience interaction.

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