Powerful performance & Wellbeing through change and uncertainty

Sue shines a mindset lens on Leadership, Adaptability and Resilience for high performance, prosperity and wellbeing
Sue shines a mindset lens on leadership, resilience and wellbeing so you can bring out the best of yourself and your teams to
  • confidently embrace change and uncertainty
  • have clarity, focus and purpose
  • be flexible and adaptable, and
  • deliver results without burnout or stress, no matter what happens.

Why book sue?

Sue delivers relevant, content-rich virtual and physical events with clear takeaways that are tailored to your current requirements and can be implemented right away.

Dr Sue Mitchell Author of “The Authority Guide to Engaging your People”, inspires your team, staff and event audiences to

  • be more resilient, flexible and adaptable in order to thrive with high performance in the ‘new normal’;
  • gain clarity, focus and fresh perspectives that transform challenges into new opportunities;
  • create the culture and environment where everyone can excel;
  • develop great leaders and high performing teams;
  • and harness the power of purposeful leadership and engagement to raise performance, profits and wellbeing.

Sue delivers Keynotes and Masterclasses in venues and virtually. For remote events she will collaborate with your tech team to deliver on your platform, and she can host smaller events (up to 100 people) on Zoom with your team as co-hosts for the event.

popular topics

Sue speaks about leadership with a ‘mindset perspective’ to encourage leaders and people at all levels to raise confidence, engagement and wellbeing while raising performance. 

  • Navigating Change and Uncertainty: Sail through adversity with flexibility, adaptability and confidence.
  • Leading through Change and Uncertainty.
  • Working, Managing and Leading Remotely and in a hybrid workplace
  • Embracing Diversity: Raise Performance and Wellbeing
  • Mental Strength for Resilience and Wellbeing
  • Engaging Leadership
  • Train your Brain to be Confident
  • Communicate Simply and Powerfully

About Sue

Dr Sue Mitchell is the author of “The Authority Guide to Engaging your People” and Director of Aeona, a leadership and coaching consultancy.  Sue combines the spirit of adventure with the rigour of science in her events and in her work with individuals, managers and leaders from a wide range of organisations.  Sue draws on her unique experience leading expeditions to the South Pacific and international research in evolutionary ecology as well as running a business and a consultancy. 

"This was valuable and thought-provoking.”

"There were lots of practical examples that I can apply at work. It is a very interesting topic that is directly relevant to my role as a department head."

"Sue has a natural warmth, positive energy and engaging delivery style."

Contact Sue

Inspire your team.  Engage your attendees. Get in touch and book Sue to speak at your event.

Develop Great Leaders

Great leadership is essential for success in all organisations, because all organisations depend on people to get the work done. Leadership emerges from the relationships you develop with your people, which means it is not enough to rely on your job title, you need to ‘earn the right’ to lead people. This becomes even more important when you need to influence others and …

Motivate and Engage

When you inspire your people to be engaged with their work, they are personally motivated and make your business great.  They make a psychological commitment and an emotional commitment to their work, the project, your team and your organisation. Conversely, when you actively disengage your people they can break your business – are you aware how your …

Resilience & Wellbeing

Why should leaders think about wellbeing? There are both business and people benefits in the workplace.  When you create better psychological wellbeing, particularly through creating a positive environment, organisational structure and culture where everyone can flourish and supporting people to develop their personal resources and mindset, you create higher …


Sue is an excellent speaker and very engaging. She presented at one of our WIBF events with the focus on “Don’t let the past hold you back”. It was well received by the audience. Brilliant session. Thanks Sue!
Monika Lang
Head of Customer Delivery,
Intermediaries &
Specialist Brands Risk.
Niamh booked Sue to speak at"The Future is Now" conference.
Niamh Simms
Head of Recoveries at NatWest
Emma booked Sue to speak at The Holyrood Communications Event "Women on Public Boards: Preparing for Equal Representation".
Emma Grant
Event Producer at Holyrood Communications
Sue has worked with The University of Stirling for over two years now and continues to provide an excellent, personal and professionally knowledgeable service. Sue connects and builds relationships with all levels of the staff community and consistently gets great feedback. I would highly recommend Sue, her service is reliable, conscientious with current research/thinking – we value our relationship with Sue and look forward to working with her into the future.
Lorna Prince
Organisation Development Partner
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